Enduro News – Hard in Help 2019 Official Video – HEBS

Enduro News – Hard in Help 2019 Official Video – HEBS

by Christian Camilo

The X Rider released the official video of Hard In Help 2019, the second grand slam of the Hard Enduro Brasil Series that took place on May 4 and 5 on tracks that connected the cities of Socorro and Monte Alegre do Sul in the state of São Paulo!


The Hard in Help second stage of the Hard Enduro Brasil Series that took place between the cities of Monte Alegre do Sul-SP and Socorro-SP had the great winner Rigor Rico (MG) – current Brazilian champion and the number 1 of the modality leading the HEBS championship.

However the victory did not come without surprises throughout the race. The first day of trails that took the pilots of Socorro to Monte Alegre do Sul was led by Rigor Rico that with great performance managed to open 15 minutes of advantage to the second placed at the end of that first part, the young rider Tiagor Mergener (RS ).  Gustavo Furlaneto arrived in third in Monte Alegre but for losing checkpoints he ended up being punished and dropping in last on the second day, forcing the pilot to make a great recovery race. Tobata arrived in the fourth place in the first part of the stage, but great surprises on the way back would reward him.

Enduro News - Hard in Help 2019 Official Video - HEBS

Rigor Rico finishing “Hard in Help 2019” – 


Riders from every category of HEBS dropped early to the reverse destination on Hard Enduro Rally tracks. In this round Rigor Rico saw Tiago Mergener overtake him, made mistakes in the way but was not shaken by the deviations of route, and with the usual consistency and concentration managed to recover the lost time, to regain the lead and once again arrived as the great winner of the elite category of the Hard Enduro Brasil Series.

“I did a very good race. Hard in Help was one of the longest races of the year, I had a good fight with Tiago. He cut me, I cut him, and then I got a good lead. Now it—s to follow in preparation for the rest of the HEBS season, “stated Rigor Rico.

Tiago Mergener came in second, but punished for losing checkpoints of the second day—s tracks, finished in fifth place. Tobata with the consistency that marks his style of piloting managed to surprise and finish second in the overall result. “The King” Ripi Galileo also surprised to get the third place arriving with mechanical problems at the end of the race. Gustavo Furlaneto in a great race of recovery finished in the fourth position.

The tracks in Hard in Help have come out widely praised by riders of all categories for innovation and navigation experience. The challenge of generating 60 km of tracks online linking the cities of Monte Alegre and Socorro was overcome with great logistics and production that refers to the end of 2018.

“The feedback we—re getting from the riders is fantastic! We felt that Hard Enduro in Brazil needed a plus, something more demanding with an innovative format. We are the first test in the country with this format. Those who participated really liked this adventure format that required  resilience. So far the feeling of the organization is mission-fulfilled. We wanted it to be a milestone in the riders— lives and we believe we have come to this, “says Rodrigo Zuccon, organizer of Hard in Help 2019.

“The Hard in Help tracks were a spectacle. A lot of steep trail, no stone. It was a new experience. Two days of tiresome trails. Those who did not train physically and were not prepared psychologically suffered … the purpose of this type of race was to show that the rider can do more. By far, it was the most exhausting stage I ever run, “says Tobata, the organizer of the next stage of HEBS, Tobata—s Park in Osório-RS.

Enduro News – Hard in Help

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